50 Entrepreneurial Events to Mark on Your Calendar

No entrepreneur can ascend all the way to the top without some help.

Whether it’s from an investor with additional funding or a mentor to help overcome some of the more strenuous developments, entrepreneurs need a support network. Matt Wilson of Under30CEO.com has compiled a list of the best events for budding entrepreneurs to attend. Here are his top four selections:

  • CEO National – This Chicago-based conference draws a college-aged crowd of attendees under the common flag of entrepreneurship.
  • SXSW – A mainstay on the technology, networking, music and entrepreneur scene, SXSW is filled with workshops and keynotes. A great event to attend, if you can find a place to stay in Austin, Texas.
  • Big Omaha – Touted as SXSW without the hype by Wilson, this event applies the meat and potatoes approach to SXSW’s model (the location of the event is derived from its namesake).
  • Startup Weekend – For those people that are interested in launching a business over the course of a weekend, this event is for you. It’s all about hacking together a business with like-minded peers in the smallest window possible.

Ready to network? For the rest of the lengthy list, read the full post by Wilson.