5 Ways to Make Top Young Talent Forget All About Google, Apple, and Facebook


Why should Google, Apple, and Facebook have a monopoly on the rising young tech stars of tomorrow?

“It is far more achievable than you might think to differentiate your organization with a compelling value proposition that attracts top Gen Y talent,” writes Paul Dinan for TLNT. For starters, emphasize your values and culture. A strong vision and sense of purpose is often just as important to Millennials as pay and benefits. Fine-tuning your understanding of what’s unique about your company, where you’d like to take it in the future, and how young employees will play an integral part in getting you there will go a long way toward pulling top talent away from the Google and Apple job boards and into your office for an interview. For more on how growing companies can lay claim to their own share of Generation Y / Millennial top young talent, read Dinan’s full post here.

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