5 Untapped Facebook Marketing Resources

by Mashable

Get the most out of your Facebook marketing by leveraging these five resources that most companies ignore.

facebook marketingStephanie Buck in Mashable shares five Facebook marketing tools from a somewhat unlikely source: the social network itself. Buck says these under-the-radar resources “guide your business in its quest for marketing tips, news, and case studies.”

The first of Buck’s Facebook marketing tools is Facebook Studio, which “curates game-changing campaigns that have appeared on the social network.” Facebook even hands out Studio Awards to marketers who go above and beyond. Next on the list is the complementary Success Stories tool, which features innovative campaigns worldwide. To prevent you from violating Facebook’s shifting ad provisions, the Brand Resource and Permissions Center keeps your ads in line. From there, take advantage of an ad preview tool, and, of course, the official Facebook marketing channel. After its IPO, Facebook is desperate for profits like never before, and it’s eager to make advertising an easy process. Take advantage of all the official Facebook marketing resources on offer.