5 Things Customer-Obsessed Companies Instinctively Do

by Inc

Customer-focused companies will stop at nothing to please their customers.

Amy Buckner Chowdhry, chief executive and co-founder of AnswerLab, looks at what this entails in a follow-up to a previous article for Inc. Her original post had five things customer-obsessed companies did. Sticking with that formula, the author continues with five additional practices. Here are some examples:

  • Companies that highly value customers will get feedback in unconventional ways. Whereas the typical company will simply ask customers directly, inventive companies will find out better ways to ask that same question. And they will get better results.
  • They don’t get caught up on what people say. Cutting through the irrelevant data can be tough. But it’s a must, if you expect to see your customers in their true light.

For more practices of customer-obsessed companies, read the full article by Chowdhry.

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