5 Storytelling Techniques to Help with Sales

by Inc.

Learn five storytelling techniques designed to boost sales by appealing to our brains’ love of narrative.

storytelling techniques

Geil Browning, founder of Emergenetics International, writes in Inc. that storytelling techniques for sales “resonate because of how human brains function.” She offers five “storytelling tips that tap into practical ways audience members perceive and respond to information.”

First, Browning writes, always keep your stories simple. Next, try to “appeal to both the left-brain and right-brain perspectives” by tying in emotional story points with facts and data. Remember that your audience members “run a full gamut of behavioral tendencies,” so “read your particular audience and adjust how you express your story and assert your value.” After that, be sure that your story comes off as authentic and always bring your story home with a complete narrative arc that encompasses a beginning, a middle, and an end.