Walk the Walk: 5 Signals of Strong CEO Leadership

by Inc.

Sterling CEO leadership is tricky to nail down, but these five qualities tell you whether you’re doing well in the top job and how to lead more effectively.

ceo leadershipSlalom Consulting‘s management expert and Astia board member Brian Evje writes in this guest post for Inc. that while most team members know they’re succeeding by meeting deadlines, leaders receive no direct signs that they’re doing their job well. To determine whether you’re displaying good CEO leadership, Evje presents “five competencies that good leaders demonstrate,” along with “a question to help you think about opportunities to display leadership.”

Start by managing your visibility level and preparing for the “deeper daily requirements” of CEO leadership to prevent stressful situations from boiling over. Be sure to maintain a certain level of comfort when leading, as discomfort shows and affects everyone around you. Remind yourself to listen as much as you can and be willing to fade into the background when your presence will be a distraction.