5 Reasons Why Buyer Personas are Useful for Content Marketing

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Over the last 3 weeks, I have written a series of blog entries on how to effectively develop and utilize a B2B buyer persona framework to develop a scalable go to market strategy. This week, I will share 5 Reasons Why Buyer Personas are Useful for Content Marketing.

Focused Content1) A major problem with many content marketing programs is that they are not focused, especially when a program is just getting started.

Just trying to get your team to produce content on a regular basis early on is a big accomplishment. However, once a program is in place and the team gets accustomed to producing regular content, you want to get the most bang out of their effort. To do so, you need to focus their writing efforts on highly targeted content. Using a buyer-persona-focused content marketing strategy will do just that.

2) Using buyer persona targets makes content more buyer-focused and targeted towards helping your buyers identify and resolve their needs. 

Your customers only want to hear about your products and services as far as they are able to help them resolve problems. Approaching content creation from the perspective of the buyer should resolve this issue.

3) A more personalized approach to content will also drive engagement. The content is now speaking to the buyers, directly, and will better resonate with them.

Speaking the same language as the buyer in content can mean the difference between content being consumed and ignored. Being able to better understand the buyer will help avoid this issue.

4) Time is valuable. Being able to effectively identify what content is needed and understand its value in the go to market strategy will help your content marketing team eliminate unneeded content and work smarter.

This should open up more time to allocate to other areas of marketing. In marketing there is always something more that you can do, so having this extra time can be incredibly valuable to your marketing campaigns.

5) Adopting a buyer-focused content approach will substantially increase your company’s return on investment in content.

By developing focused and targeted content that resonates well with the buyer, you will get more impact out of each piece of content. By being focused on developing content with a purpose you will also limit the amount of content your team needs to produce. Given that content marketing budgets now account for 26% of a company’s marketing budget on average, this will have a significant impact on the effectiveness of your company’s overall marketing strategy.

Next week, I will share why thinking about B2B content marketing through the lens of the buyer can substantially increase the effectiveness of your content and make it a more useful tool in the lead nurturing process.

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