5 Questions for Effective Sales Strategy Development

by Sales Benchmark Index

sales strategy developmentLearn the five key questions to guide an effective sales strategy development for next year.

John Staples, Principal at Sales Benchmark Index, presents five questions to aid in effective sales strategy development. Staples sees the “conventional lip service” that most managers pay sales strategy development as outdated, and he insists that you can “develop a sales strategy that the sales team understands and can rally behind.”

Quoting a Harvard Business Review report that states that “companies on average deliver only 63% of the financial performance their strategies promise,” Staples recommends revising your sales strategy development to avoid being part of this statistic. Start by focusing on four key data points: win/loss/no decision analysis, gaps analysis from the sales team, a four lens review for completeness, and next year’s potential analysis for each initiative. From there, you can accurately answer the five questions that will help guide your sales strategy development.