5 Entrepreneur Tips from Richard Branson

by Inc.

Richard Branson, entrepreneur and founder of Virgin Group, imparts five pearls of wisdom to a 12-year-old that any startup or expansion-stage CEO will find valuable.

richard branson entrepreneurJessica Stillman writes in Inc. that Richard Branson, entrepreneur extraordinaire and founder of Virgin Group, released an early excerpt from his upcoming book in which he offers advice to a 12-year-old starting his first business. While that may seem like miles from a tech startup or expansion-stage company CEO, Branson’s counsel may be more applicable than you’d think.

Branson recommends taking a hard look at pricing, and perhaps offering services priced at the customer’s discretion. After that, he has some advice for the fledgling entrepreneur’s father, saying that “a loan from one’s family will focus an entrepreneur’s mind.” Next, Richard Branson has an entrepreneur adage that no CEO should ever forget: know your customers and targeting your services accordingly.