5 Easy Email Marketing Tips to Raise Your Response Rate

by B2B Marketing Insider

email marketing tipsRead five email marketing tips that are easy to execute and watch your response rate soar.

Robert Krekstein, Senior Director of Global Inside Sales and Demand Generation for SAP, details five email marketing tips in a guest post at B2B Marketing Insider. Krekstein starts by saying you shouldn’t just simply send out emails, but instead “create one that equates to leads, sales pipeline, and new customer sales revenue” because “even in the current environment where it seems we each receive 50 emails a day from companies selling their services, email can still work.”

Keep your emails simple and to the point, and be sure to “let the prospect know within seconds why they should read on.” Krekstein recommends “some prior analytics or understanding of your target audience” to know exactly how to hook them. After that, make your action button specific and compelling by telling the prospect exactly what she receives after clicking it. Read the full post for all of Krekstein’s email marketing tips. He claims that his “five simple tactics” generate “62-73% more responders, a 42% increase in leads, and a 29% increase in opportunities.”