5 Copywriting Mistakes that Can Tarnish Your Corporate Site

by Smashing Magazine

Every company wants to outfit their website with the best content possible.

The business world is far from a Utopian paradise, however, and many companies fall short of their content marketing strategy goals. Brad Shorr, copywriting expert and writer for Smashing Magazine, made some observations recently on the common miscues that can hurt a company’s online efforts.

So what are many organizations doing wrong? They’re focusing on themselves too much, says Shorr. An outward focus is a must-have in copywriting; and it should be firmly planted on your customers. Outline benefits — not features, Shorr adds. Another fatal mistake is a hard-to-find, or “buried,”  lead. In the newspaper industry, this is a huge no-no, and the same holds true for online copywriting.

Maintaining a high-quality standard in your copywriting is easy, as long as you set a strong foundation and remain committed to it. For more copywriting mistakes to avoid, read the full article by Shorr.