4 Ways to Include Calls to Action in Your Videos

by Convince and Convert

calls to actionLearn four methods for injecting calls to action into your videos to increase engagement, add subscribers, or get viewers to your services and products.

Ricky Walls, CEO of 12 Stars Media Production, lists four ways to include calls to action in your video marketing. “One of the most basic and effective ways to include CTAs in your videos is to bake them right in,” writes Walls, by including “a screen, often at the end or during the video that indicates what the viewer should do next.” The other way to inject calls to action directly into your videos is to put an “auditory request” that also prompts the viewer on what to do.

Walls also suggests adding annotations to your Youtube videos, “the little bubbles of text reminding you to subscribe to the channel, comment, or view another video.” Annotations are particularly useful “if you want your viewers to consume your content on Youtube” because they can only link to other content on Youtube unless you’re a Partner Provider. Read the full list for more ideas on including calls to action, as well as for example videos and tools for adding annotations and links in your video.