Tooting Your Own Horn: 3 Tips to Effective and Guilt-Free Self-Promotion

by Inc.

Has self-promotion gotten a bad rap? Maybe not, but even if it’s a necessary evil isn’t there any way to make it less annoying?

These days it’s hard not to bristle at the seemingly endless barrage of shameless self-promotion that comes our way via social media. That said, if you’re not going to get out there and talk about yourself and your product, who will? “With all the noise online today,” writes Kevin Daum, bestselling author of Video Marketing For Dummies, in a post for Inc. “We need to shamelessly self-promote, loud, strong and often. And yet somehow we have to keep from crossing that line of being annoying and offensive.”

So how do you get the word out without completely alienating your friends, colleagues, and potential clients? According to Daum, the three keys are to be interesting — which requires knowing what your audience finds interesting — be authentic — no flat, polished sales pitch, please — and provide value — advice, a lesson, an entertaining story, even a simple joke counts. Practice makes perfect, Daum advises, “So don’t be shy. Shamelessly promote away!” For more on how to make sure your self-promotion is both effective and guilt-free, read his full post here.

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