All Work and All Play? 3 Tactics for Implementing Gamification

by Monetate

These three tactics for implementing gamification will help you turn the buzzword into actionable results.

implementing gamification

There’s no lack of buzz around gamification, but according to Monetate Senior Director of Strategic Services Brett Bair there’s good reason.”Gamification can be a great way to motivate marketing teams and realize improvements in key performance indicators (KPIs) such as conversion rate and, one of my favorites, annualized revenue,” Bair writes in a post for Monetate’s blog. In other words, the potential is there, but what about practical implementation? Bair provides three tactics companies can use to empower their employees, suggesting that they start out their efforts for implementing gamification at the organizational level, creating company-wide goals and encouraging increased communication between departments, especially the marketing and analytics teams. As a next step, extend aspects of that communication and transparency to your customers.

“Gamification requires companies to be a little more aggressive,” Bair writes. “So take bigger risks…. they will uncover real learnings about visitors and allow the organization to continue to innovate and drive results.”