3 Strategies for Getting Your Selling Time Back

by Sales Benchmark Index

selling timeLearn three strategies to restore your selling time hours and get back on track to hitting your numbers.

Joel McCabe, Senior Consultant at Sales Benchmark Index, writes that reps are “taking on more non-selling functions as a result of limited resources,” and their selling time is suffering. To help restore the hours you need to get back on the phone or in front of clients, McCabe has three strategies. “Get clear on where you spend your time,” McCabe writes, and take an hour at the end of the week and quickly assess where you spent your time. After that, reallocate your hours to selling time, and focus away from your “silent sales productivity killers.”

For the other tasks, “delegate or relocate” the responsibility to others who are better suited to those duties. “There’s a good chance that 75% of your performance appraisal is tied to revenue, margin, and selling activity,” McCabe writes, so make sure that at least 75% of your workweek is focused on selling time.