3 Signs that Your B2B Content Marketing Is Screwed Up

by Sales Benchmark Index

If your investment in B2B content marketing hasn’t paid off yet, it may be because you’re screwing it up.

You focus your attention inward to pinpoint where your efforts may have gone awry, writes sales consultant Greg Alexander. In a post for Sales Benchmark Index‘s Sales Force Effectiveness Blog, he explains how his company has been able to attain success in the B2B content marketing field, despite having somewhat limited resources.

Alexander explains that companies need to stop focusing on the past. While your business may be quite successful and have innumerable insights on how other companies can attain similar success, that still doesn’t mean all of the content you provide will automatically be relevant to the future. Put more effort into making your content future-applicable and you’ll improve your results. For more signs that your content marketing is screwed up and tips on how to improve it, read the full article by Alexander.

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