3 Keys to Tapping into Your Customers’ Networks

by Inc.

Business is all about making connections, and the best companies realize that by connecting with one customer they’re connecting with their network, as well.

In a guest post for Inc., Karl Stark and Bill Stewart, managing directors and co-founders of Avondale, offer “three important lessons for any business looking to tap into a network of customers-regardless of whether they are a set of like-minded consumers, a network of dealers, or members of a small community.” The first is not to overlook the tremendous value of “customers networking and working together to create a solution.” Companies can provide opportunities for that by creating a forum for customer feedback and an advisory board of key potential customers.

“Advisory board members get the chance to influence the direction of a product they are likely to use and the opportunity to connect with others in their network,” Stark and Stewart suggest. They also have the opportunity to  “get exposure as a leader amongst their peers [while] your product gets the exposure needed to earn strong market share. Did we hear win-win?” For more on the value of tapping into your customers’ networks, read the full post here.

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