2016 Inside Sales Software Guide: A Look at 50 Best-in-Class Sales Tools [eBook]

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Sales is evolving faster than ever and the main catalyst is the introduction and use of new technologies that impact every stage of the sales process. In fact, half the battle in sales today is just staying up to date with all of these new technologies — not to mention understanding how to use them.

As a sales trainer for many of the world’s leading companies — including Salesforce.com and Box — I’m constantly implementing and evaluating new sales tools to understand how and where they fit into the overall sales process.

It’s always frustrated me that sales is the #1 profession in the world and yet none of us are formally taught how to do it. For the most part we are all self-taught through trial and error. Based on this, I believe we need to help each other out and share what works so we can all improve and make sure we sell the right way.

The 2016 Inside Sales Software Guide is a collection of best-in-class sales technologies broken down into specific categories that align with the different areas of the sales process. The eBook gives you what you need to be successful in today’s hyper-competitive sales environment. For sales or sales ops leaders looking for a place to go to find out what their “Sales Technology Stack” should be, this is it.

The best analogy I’ve heard of what it takes to be successful in sales today is Ironman. If Tony Stark went out to fight all those villains as a regular human he would get killed instantly. But, with the suit, he’s unstoppable. Being a sales rep with strong selling skills, the ability to build rapport and a strong work ethic isn’t enough anymore. We need to leverage the technology out there to become our own version of Ironman so we can go kick ass and sell the right way.

Make it happen!