20 Competitive Intelligence Tools to Help You Recruit Smarter

by Talent HQ

Gathering competitive intelligence is a difference-making business practice that, when applied to recruiting, has substantial upside.

Good companies that understand the value of competitive intelligence will always be on an indefinite data hunt. And at those companies, the HR departments are likely keen on recruiting with an understanding of the competitive landscape, too. Jason Buss of Talent HQ shares a list of 20 competitive intelligence tools that can help HR recruit smarter. Here are some of Buss’ selections:

  • The Free Library: This website contains an extensive flush of articles and other published resources. A search function allows users to access the content of the site with a few button presses.
  • Glassdoor: Looking to get salary figures, position history and other information on your competition? This site does it all.

Investing in competitive intelligence — even in HR — can drastically change the way the department operates. And using the tools Buss highlights in his post will get you on your way. For more on competitive intelligence, read the full article by Buss.