15 Social Media Marketing Mistakes

by Jeff Bullas

social media marketing mistakesAs more businesses learn everyday, getting the most out of your social marketing spend can be tricky. Learn 15 of the most common social media marketing mistakes and how to avoid making them.

Jeff Bullas, social media expert blogging at jeffbullas.com, writes that social media marketing mistakes are easy to slip into as “business executives, freelancers, and professionals from all walks have started to use social media to engage in content marketing.” Relying on uninteresting product talk for content, going for quantity over quality when collecting followers, buying followers, churning out too many infographics, and talking without listening are just a few of the most common missteps that Bullas identifies. Don’t worry if you find yourself guilty of some of these social media marketing mistakes – as Bullas says, the best way to learn “is simply by doing.”