11 Ways to Squeeze More Sales Out of LinkedIn

by Inc

With LinkedIn, your sales results are heavily influenced by the quality of your preparation.

An effective sales process, in this regard, effortlessly integrates LinkedIn and its robust feature set. A familiarity with LinkedIn is obviously an asset, but whether you’re an expert or a neophyte, there are steps you can take to improve your sales through LinkedIn. In a recent post, life and business coach Marla Tabaka shares 11 insights that will help your efforts:

  • Find out what all your top LinkedIn sales customers have in common and create a model (or multiple ones) to better understand their customer profiles. You can plan future strategies based on your findings.
  • Get recommendations and referrals from your customers. Having this prominently displayed on your LinkedIn profile will do nothing but demonstrate your sales capabilities and make you more attractive in the eyes of potential customers.

For more ways to squeeze out more sales with LinkedIn, read the full article by Tabaka.

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