10 Tricks to Add Pep to Your Social Marketing’s Step

by The Customer Collective

Grassroots social marketing initiatives are worthwhile, but they can take quite some time to fully develop. But there’s plenty to do now in order to gain an immediate benefit to your social marketing.

Posted by John Souza over at The Customer Collective, a recent article looks at some of the easy tricks marketers can incorporate into their campaigns. Here are a handful of highlights:

  • Hire a dedicated social media writer. Not only do they have more specialized knowledge, but they can also dedicate more time to the strategies. And that’s a win-win.
  • In the Twitter Universe, considering starting a hashtag campaign. Create a hashtag for an upcoming event for example and watch the Tweets start piling up.

For more tricks to add pep to your social marketing’s step, read the full article by Souza.

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