10 Tips for Designing Your Startup Logo

by Inc.

A company’s logo is often the face of its brand, and for many customers, it provides them with a first — and lasting — impression of the business. What are the things a startup company needs to take into account when designing a logo in order to make sure that impression is a good one?

“Is your brand trustworthy, legitimate, memorable, and unique? It’s a lot to pack into a tiny icon, but well-designed logos can accomplish exactly that,” writes Christina DesMarais for Inc. DesMarais asked a panel of experts to uncover the secrets behind what makes a logo truly memorable, and was treated to tips ranging from why designs should be kept simple, versatile, and web-friendly (think Pinterest) to suggestions for the best typefaces to use to evoke different qualities (serif fonts for a sense of dignity and power; sans serif for a more modern feel).

“Memorable logos don’t need to describe what your business does,” DesMarais writes. They’re seldom literal, and more about conveying concepts that align with a company’s culture and values. For more tips on designing a logo that evokes the spirit of your company while grabbing your customers’ attention, read the full post here.

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