10 Steps from Good to Great: Jim Collins Shows Your Company the Way

by Inc.

There’s always room for improvement, and unless your company is constantly seeking it you’ll never go from good to great.

Researcher and management guru Jim Collins has made a career of helping companies determine what they need to do in order to improve dramatically. Kimberly Weisul, Editor-at-Large for Inc. recently heard Collins present to the Womens Presidents’ Organization’s annual conference in Atlanta, where he presented the audience with ten keys to success.

The advice Collins offers ranges from the immediate – such as drafting a “stop-doing” list that corresponds with your “to-do” list — to the long term – setting a “15 to 25-year big, hairy audacious goal (BHAG),” for example. One of the through-lines is the importance of consistency. “Collins found that companies that perform consistently do much better than those that do spectacularly one year and are feeble the next,” Weisul writes. “If you’re on a 20-mile march, says Collins, you don’t bolt 30 miles ahead when the weather is good. You go 20 miles. When the weather is bad, you can’t sit inside and complain – you still have to make 20 miles.” For more examples of Collins’s advice for going from good to great, read Weisul’s full post here.

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