10 Questions to Expect at a Venture Capital Job Interview

by Job Search Digest

“Why do you want a job in venture capital?”

If you can’t answer that question, you will have trouble selling your interviewers on your dedication and ability to perform in the world of venture capital. According to this article from Inside the Firm, venture capital interviews are meant to test your interest and aptitude as a candidate.

Venture capital firms aim to surround themselves with employees who are genuine in their pursuit of entrepreneurship in its many forms. Whether they’re seeding or launching a startup, says the author, it’s the spirit that drives them. And in an interview, candidates must convey such a disposition. Here are examples of other questions you may encounter (for questions you shouldn’t encounter, go here):

What’s been the most interesting IPO or acquisition in our industry in the past year?

How would you evaluate a possible portfolio company and their business plan?

Make sure to close the interview on a strong note. If you’re given the opportunity to ask questions, ask about the type of candidate they’re looking for and how you measure up. For more questions to expect at a VC job interview, read the first, second and third part of this three-part series.

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