10 Motivational Secrets to Drive and Inspire Any Employee

by Inc.

Put a little time into understanding your employees’ personality types and you’ll quickly discover how to keep their drive alive.

“Offer them the right incentives — the ones that will impact their personal brain and personality types,” writes Geil Browning, founder of Emergenetics International, and you’ll “keep them mentally and emotionally invested in doing their best.”

The key is identifying those types, and in a guest post for Inc. Browning provides a list of 10 different examples of people and what you should focus on in order to maximize their enthusiasm. “Analytical types want to know that a project is valuable, and that their work makes a difference to its success,” for example, while “innovative employees must buy into a cause. To them, the big picture matters more than the individual who is leading the charge.” For more motivational secrets to bringing out the best in your team, read Browning’s full post here.

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