10 Leadership Practices To Stop Right Now

by Inc.

Read ten outdated leadership practices that are hurting your company and learn how to rectify them.

leadership practices

Paul Spiegelman, founder and CEO of BerylHealth, wants you to leave ten outdated leadership practices behind and opt for healthier, modern ones instead. “By creating a company with a clear purpose and values,” he writes in Inc., “you’ll find your employees connect themselves to something bigger.”

Kicking off his list of leadership practices to ditch is micromanagement, which he says is far less useful than letting your employees have enough leeway to make a few mistakes that they can learn from. Next up is “management by walking around the office.” Instead, Spiegelman says, try “leadership by watching and listening, engaging in conversation, implementing the ideas presented to you, and distributing the results.” Spiegelman also recommends that bosses stop acting like they know everything, stop maintaining a no tolerance policy for mistakes, and stop investing in technology to improve productivity at the cost of investing in people.