10 Entrepreneur Tips from the Original Mad Man

by Co. Design

Read ten entrepreneur tips from original Mad Man George Lois, the influential art director with ideas as loud and striking as his ads.

Belinda Lanks of Co. Design collects ten entrepreneur tips from “the original Mad Man” George Lois’ book Damn Good Advice. Lanks reports that Lois, “the king of the one-liner,” has “some inspiring pointers on how to create – and sell – the big ideas while holding fast to some moral integrity.” Lois starts with his “first commandment,” which is to always begin with the words for a campaign and then let the imagery come together with the copy naturally.

Next, Lois says, “keep it short, informative, concise, and literary, where every single word counts.” Be sure to never follow trends, and be willing to put big ideas into your work, even if it means shrugging off the ideas of others. Those are just some of Lois’ entrepreneur tips to whet your appetite. Read the full list of ten and start thinking about how to apply these tips to your own business.